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We transform your estate into a real jewel and advise you in regards to your individual design wishes!   




Home sweet home - *The Capsule*

Low energy houses - High standard of design


We proudly present our lighthouse project: The capsule combines living and working close to nature without loosing any comfort of our today's life.


Save fossil fuels with the help of renewable energy sources and gain a new quality of life

      The capsule green living concept



Are you still dreaming or finally living?


 Powered by Shade

'Powered-by-Shade' is a new, energy generating system designed to fulfill the needs of buildings with huge window areas and therefore high cooling or heating demand.

Learn more about 'Powered by Shade' and how it can help to lower your energy costs significantly.




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The greener the better...

Get an insight into our concept of sustainability and learn what pushes us towards an integrated building design.  

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Interior Design


Your dreams come reality!

We are bringing your desires to life - Nothing is impossible when it comes to a neat design and a cosy place to work and live.

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Renewable Energies

& Energy Efficiency


Renewable energies are available in infinite forms and various options.


The combination of these energy forms and a smart controlling provide optimum results customized to the respective individual situation.


Renewable energies and energy efficiency greenliving concept


Exterior Design


The world is too interesting to put it into a box - and your life, too! We are creating space out of your ideas and design your living and working places according to your individual desires.

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Launching the first

*The Capsule*-Project in Switzerland! Be part of a revolution in building design and don't miss an once in a lifetime opportunity!



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Green Living Concept AG


Ausserdorf 31


CH-7315 Vättis



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